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About us

Mosaic ECD Centre is nestled in Eduan Park residential area in Polokwane.  We are a dual medium (English and Afrikaans) school for children of 18 months to Gr RR.  Teaching is based on learning through play.  We focus on individual attention between teacher and child by having smaller groups.  Our classroom and play areas create a tranquil atmosphere, where children are provided with ample opportunities for exploratory learning.

We have qualified and experienced teachers, who are dedicated to truly develop your child.  We are following the 'Play Learn Win' curriculum as a guide for our educational program and ‘Kindermusik’ ™ is included in our weekly program.  



  • We aim to provide the best possible foundation for your child’s personal development, to reach their full potential.
  • We aim to encourage and develop healthy eating habits.
  • We aim to promote social interaction amongst parents to create a family atmosphere.
  • We aim to provide support to parents by giving regular feedback on the child’s development.



  • Child development is done by always researching the latest teaching methods to encourage learning through play, e.g. incorporating ‘Mind Moves’ ™ techniques into our daily program.
  • We promote overall well-being by providing meals based on a whole food plant-based diet for optimal nutrition.  (www.nutritionfacts.org)
  • A family atmosphere is created by having social events, at least once a term, for parents to interact and get to know their children’s teachers.
  • We are dedicated to whole child development by providing parents with any relevant information and giving guidance to address any unique challenges.